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Heartland Rabbit Rescue
Blanchard, OK
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Special Needs Rabbits

Arven & Bailey

Bunny Bio coming soon...


XL - bunny man Cooper, beautifully white and fluffy, is probably the eldest of our senior citizen bunnies. He has been with Heartland for many years, and over time his eyes have slowly ceased to function. Now his eyes are veiled opaque, and we don't know how much or even if he can still see. He obviously tries to compensate for his deteriorating eyesight with his sense of smell and, most importantly, an acute sense of hearing, prompting us to announce ourselves before approaching him. The combination of old age and loss of eyesight may make him a calmer and quieter bunny than others, but he still enjoys his life. He loves his hay and food and the occasional supervised outing in the yard where he contentedly settles down, nibbles on the grass, and even playfully tugs at the curtain meant for shade.


Federico came to Heartland when his owner, an older man, died and nobody could be found to take care of the bunny that was already obviously sick with weepy eyes. After a long time of stability, his right eye has now, unfortunately, taken a turn for the worse. On top of it, he seems to have dental problems as well. Although offered the finest shredded vegetables, Federico shuns them for the aromatic and sweet tasting bananas and apricots. We believe this is due to his upper respiratory and eye infections having caused damage to his sense of taste and smell. Despite his handicaps, Federico is a very sweet-tempered bunny who loves the outdoors: all of a sudden, the calm and quiet bunny man is binkying through the grass, hopping around in wild abandon, or digging and wallowing in the greatest toy of all: his sandbox.


Bunny Bio coming soon...

Bunny Bio coming soon...


Like to putter in the garden? – so does Putter! He’s a gentle-natured soul who shuns the rushed life and embraces the “take it easy” lifestyle. He’s an old-fashioned kind of guy who enjoys simple pleasures and has a crush on the “girl next door.”

Breed: Netherland Dwarf
: gardening, playing outside
If I had a T-shirt, it would say: “Stop and smell the roses…”
Perfect Match: laid-back, outdoorsy individual with “bohemian” lifestyle


When Sprout was taken in by Heartland, he looked like somebody had dumped dirt-brown oil all over him. Slowly, after much shedding, his beautiful thick white and black spotted fur reappeared. Unfortunately, soon after arriving at Heartland, the sweet little guy developed a severe head tilt that left him permanently handicapped. He has problems with his balance, but he is a brave little fighter, and with lots of practice and exercise, he is now able to clean his face and ears with both paws while sitting on his hind legs. He still loses his balance once in a while and topples over, but that does not deter him in the very least. Our little sunshine delights in treaties and toys, and also in short outings to the yard, where he happily wobbles along in the grass exploring the exciting outdoors.